Upper Greenwood Lake

Important News:  UGL Eagles Are Nesting & Annual Fireworks Schedule!!!  

Our Eagle pair has returned to their nest in Firehouse / Audubon Cove area.  There is at least one egg which they are incubating as noted by our helpful eyes on the nest who has observed that Mom and Dad are maintaining constant nest sitting since February 26th.  We will keep you posted on hatching!
This means we resume our Eagle Protection Protocol which has been reviewed and approved by NJ DEP Wildlife Officials.
At the end of last season’s successful eaglet raising they said:
“This nest was successful due to you (POA) and EVERYONE IN THE COMMUNITY who worked to protect them”.
BE PROUD UGL’ers!!  And thank you to everyone for cooperating with the restrictions as the eaglets grew.  We are so incredibly lucky to have these front row seats to view this occurrence in nature!
Of course, this means our Annual Fireworks Show will be again at the end of our summer season.  Fireworks have been scheduled for:
Fireworks:        Saturday, August 27, 2022
Raindate:          Saturday, September 3, 2022
Below is the protocol we followed last year and will again this year.  If you know the drill, you can skip reading it, but if you are new to the lake or a new lake user this year, please review.
Buoys will be placed as soon as we are able.

Go to the website for a lake map to orient yourself of this area.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and protection of these very special birds!!
Eagle Protection Protocol  

Buoys stating NO BOATS and KEEP OUT will be placed to remind all lake users who are entering the areas of Audubon and Firehouse Coves and near the nest area to leave/not enter the area.  Boating in this area should be limited to those that live in the “eagle nest zone” as they come or go from their docks.  Anyone leaving or returning to their dock / home should maintain the farthest distance from the nest location as possible, along with keeping quiet and maintaining a No Wake speed limit.  Proximity to the nest is one of the most disturbing activities for eagle parents, so we would like to see it avoided as best you can.  We are not telling residents who live in and / or dock in this area that you cannot use your watercraft.  You can, but with awareness of the eagles’ location and staying as far away as possible.

By July the eaglets should be flying the skies with their parents and once we have confirmed that this is the case we will lift the restrictions.  We will send out a notice when this occurs.

For all residents the best location for viewing with binoculars and photo-taking is at the Old Firehouse parking area.  It is next to impossible to see the eaglets once they hatch.  It will be weeks before they start sitting on the edges of the nest where an occasional glimpse of them can be had.  And viewing from under the nest is impossible, distance is best for photos and any viewing.
For additional information on nesting eagles, visit this link for a wonderful brochure about eagles and their comeback in New Jersey.  It has plenty of good information and advice for those living near eagles.
Thank you for your cooperation and help in allowing these eaglets to be raised by their parents in a stress free environment.