Short Term Rentals



Notice to Property Owners, Short Term Renters, and Realtors

Upper Greenwood Lake is a private membership lake with no public access.

Airbnb, Vrbo, and other Short Term Rental customers are welcome to enjoy the view of the lake from the property they are renting along with the amenities of the home and its grounds. However, the right to boat, bathe, or fish in the lake belongs only to owners of Upper Greenwood Lake properties who are Easement Holders, and this right may not be transferred or assigned. Short term renters who use the lake may become subject to trespassing violations, and owners who do not adhere to this basic rule could be subject to loss of their membership and lake privileges without notice.

Long-term tenants in good standing with a signed lease of 6 months or longer can apply to become a UGLPOA Associate Member with limited lake and beach use privileges.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Upper Greenwood Lake while respecting the community we have built and our lake’s natural beauty.

Thank you,

Upper Greenwood Lake Property Owners Association


The township ordinance governing Short Term Rentals can be found here:

Short Term Rental property owners are required to have a township permit. A copy must be filed with the UGLPOA office. The application can be found here:

The Bylaws and the Rules & Regulations for Upper Greenwood Lake are posted here: