Private Roads Statement

Upper Greenwood Lake Property Owners Association, Inc. statement re: “private” roads:

It has been the longstanding position of the Upper Greenwood Lake Property Owners Association Inc., supported by our legal counsel; that the roads in the Upper Greenwood Lake development were dedicated to the public use via the filing of the Upper Greenwood Lake Subdivision Maps filed with the Township of West Milford.

Since the dedication of the roads, it is the Association’s position that the Township, by its various acts of maintenance and repair of the roads over the past 80+ years, has accepted same. Since the roads were dedicated as a network, the assumption by the Township through its various acts of maintenance and responsibility throughout the network of the roads constitutes acceptance of same.

The issue of responsibility for maintenance of the roads in Upper Greenwood Lake is raised periodically. The Township of West Milford references private roads, and has repeatedly skirted the final issue of whether the roads have been accepted by the Township. The Township refuses to acknowledge acceptance of the roads although they continue maintenance efforts.

We understand the frustration and concern that this situation may create for some residents. The UGLPOA Board of Trustees encourages concerned property owners to work with the Township’s elected officials for an amicable resolution of this issue.