Please Read Carefully Prior to Submitting an Application

Following are the rules governing dock privileges in the Upper Greenwood Lake Property Owners Association.

1. The use of a dock is granted through membership in the U.G.L.P.O.A. This privilege is not granted to easement payers. U.G.L.P.O.A. members who do not own lakefront property will be assigned a dock space by the dock chairperson.

2. A dock application must be filed with the U.G.L.P.O.A. On this application a hand drawn plan of the dock must be shown. All questions on the application must be answered or the application will be denied. All applications will be kept on file by the U.G.L.P.O.A.

3. If your membership should lapse, you agree to forfeit rights to your dock and the dock space assigned to you. At any time, once you have been notified of past due membership, the U.G.L.P.O.A. has the right to remove or reassign your dock.

4. All docks must display an identification plate as issued by the U.G.L.P.O.A. The yearly dock sticker must be affixed to the identification plate. Any dock in or over the lake or on parklands, which does not bear a current identification plate may be removed without notice. In most cases a notice is placed on the dock as a warning that the dock will be removed. One week’s notice mailed to the last known address of the listed owner of the dock not displaying a current identification plate with sticker shall be sufficient to charge such a person with the cost of removal. Notices of past due memberships will be sent out starting June 1.

5. Maximum dock dimensions are 4 feet wide by 18 feet long and perpendicular to the shore line and will be spaced a minimum of 20’ between docks. The U.G.L.P.O.A. realizes that these rules have been abused in the past. Beginning in June 1993, all new docks may not exceed the maximum dimensions. Old docks will be permitted to stay on the lake for the lifetime of that dock only.

6. Docks may be either stationary or of a floating type.

7. The U.G.L.P.O.A. or its approved agents are the only authority on docks. No individual will remove a dock without approval of the U.G.L.P.O.A.

8. The dock chairperson has the authority to approve or deny any dock application. If an individual disagrees with the dock chair’s decision, he or she may appeal directly to the
U.G.L.P.O.A. Board of Trustees. The dock chair has the authority to remove any dock that is in violation of any one of the dock rules.

Please note docks do not go with the sale of a home. If new owners wish to have a dock, they must apply with the office and once assigned a space POA membership must be paid annually in addition to easement fees.

Once you are assigned a dock space, you MUST pay POA Membership Dues annually in addition to your easement fees.