Summertime on the Beach


Laura Nietzer

Summer is here and the beach is open. This year, we are once again blessed with a phenomenal staff on the beach. Once again, everyone working on the beach lives in Upper Greenwood Lake and they remember what fun they had at the beach and continue the tradition of making our beach a safe, fun place for our POA community to gather. You will notice that we now have dedicated gate guards checking members in; please make sure to have your badges when you come to the beach. And we are so happy that once again we have Sabrina Fleming as our Beach Manager!
Did you know that the children of all POA members have access to free swimming lessons? Since we live in a lake community, we want all our children safe around water. If you are interested in learning more about our swim lessons, contact Sabrina (our beach manager) once our beach opens Memorial Day weekend.
Did you know that we have activities for the children on the beach? We would like to have a weekly craft day, but need volunteers to run this activity. We would also like to have other activities on the beach for children during the week, but, once again, would need volunteers to help organize them. So if you have an idea, and are willing to take the lead and run an activity during the summer, please see Sabrina. We will continue to stay open until 8:00 on Wednesday each week with lifeguard run activities for the children.
There are a number of things for the children to do when not swimming. Of course there is the playground. We also have large, blanket checker games, Uno, a couple of knock hockey games and books to read, just to name a few things for children to do when not swimming or building sandcastles. Please see the gate guard for more information.
Have you come to one of the summer evening activities on the beach yet? Time to mark your calendars and save the following dates. We will continue to have monthly, family friendly, Music Under the Stars with a live band. This year’s Friday Family Movie Nights are scheduled for July 1, July 15, August 12 and September 2. Both the movie nights and Music Under the Stars are open to all residents of Upper Greenwood Lake. And our annual Hot Dog Roast, for POA members only, is scheduled for July 31st.
We all know that our beach is a great place for children and their parents to spend time in the summer. It is also a great place for adults to relax with a book as they enjoy the view of the water and mountains in the background. I would invite all our POA members, if you haven’t done so already, to stop by the beach this summer. If you haven’t spent time there, you really are missing one of the perks of living on the mountain. And if you are an easement member only, and didn’t realize all we offer, I would recommend looking into joining the POA this year.