October Meeting Minutes 2015


Upper Greenwood Lake

September 1, 2015


Jones, Jim E Veninger, John P Quirk, Andrew P
Burr, Rob P Straubel, Kathy P Martucci, Greg E
Colnaghi, Warren P Manzo, Rene E Zielinski, Gary P
Oleg Vasertriger P Nietzer, Laura P Donoghue, Paul P*
Decina, Dennis A Sarnowski, Karen P Pojedinec, Jane E

P= PresentE = Excused A= Absent P* present via Skype

Attorney Present: James Romer [  ] yes [X] no

With a quorum present, the meeting was called to order at 7: 22pm by John Veninger.

Public Session:

A motion was made by Rob Burr and seconded by Gary Zielinski to approve the regular meeting
minutes as amended for September, 2015.
7 yeas; 0 nos; 1 abstention


The T- shirt and badge colors for next year will be yellow tie-die.
A resident emailed asking why we don’t lower the lake in the spring. John Veninger explained that the Fish and Wildlife commission regulate drawdowns only in the fall. Tanya will send a letter to the resident.
Notification from 699 Lakeshore Dr. was received regarding a new septic installation. Tanya will get a survey from town hall so we can make sure it’s not infringing on parklands.
634 Warwick Turnpike notified the board that a second story will be built onto the existing house. This does not affect parklands.
100 Racetrack Rd. is adding an addition; This does not affect parklands.
49 Lakeshore is adding an addition to the front of house; This does not affect parklands.
6 Emerson sent notification that they will remove and replace a deck; This does not affect parklands.
7 Laramie Trail sent notification of a shed installation; This does not affect parklands.
Jay from Mountain Landscaping sent notification about planting a section of parklands paid for by a resident. Planting a tree in memory of volunteer Julia Held’s husband was discussed.
It was reported that a resident has a bad septic on 10 Verona. Tanya will contact health department to determine the issue.

Membership Secretary’s Report:

Additional late fees and past dues have come in including $2800 in collections. Everyone who still
owes at the end of October gets sent to Jim Romer. Top ten easement delinquents will also get turned over to Jim Romer.

Treasurer’s Report:

Paul Donoghue spoke in reference to becoming the new treasurer.
2012 audit correction – Paul would like to review this before it gets finalized, so it can be discussed at the public Easement meeting.

CDARS have been opened to avoid being uninsured by the FDIC.
Bulkhead around clubhouse cove should be paid for by POA and easement the split to be determined by the linear footage that is on parklands vs. clubhouse property.

Permitting costs should be divided 70% easement, 30% POA based on number of members of each. $700 outstanding for certified mail should be split 70/30
Easement actuals – should be at about 75% of spend; weed control is only at 9% spend; parklands
only at 17%; low spend on environmental and legal; barge maintenance had a 0% spend as gas is being charged to stumps.

There are no liabilities. The easement has $912, 000 in the bank which puts us in a good position.

POA actuals – Insurance is at 96%; Office is at 98%.

Only $250,000 in bank at this time.

Easement budget – Challenges going forward include adjusting the weed budget and adding a
miscellaneous contingency line item in the budget to increase flexibility as well as the necessity to budget for hiring professionals to assist in the permitting process going forward.
Laura Nietzer suggested that all chairs get all receipts in asap, so the numbers are current.

A motion to approve the POA and Easement financial statements for September was made by Rob
Burr; Laura Nietzer seconded the motion.
8 yeas 0 nos 0 abstention

Unfinished Business:

Graffitti on township property: no report
Unpaved roads: No new information
Review of Master Plan submissions: Jane Pojedinec will assist chairs in completing their
master plan submissions.
Bulkhead: waiting for permits.


Short Term Projects: none

Long Term Projects: none


Activities: Halloween bonfire is being planned for Friday, October 30, 2015

Beach: Laura Nietzer reported that she’d like to use the money left in her budget to buy sand to try to restore the size of the beach. She is going to hire a non-lifeguard to be gate-guard for the 2016 season.

Boathouse: Rob Burr reported that the new garage doors have been installed. The spend will go on the POA budget as a loan to the easement pending the easement member meeting to approve it.

By-Laws/Rules/Regs: no report

Clubhouse: Gary Zielinski reported that the soffit on the back deck has been replaced. He’d like to get the front deck replaced, as well. Two security deposits are being held for damages and fireworks being shot off on the beach. An addition to the clubhouse rental contract that the security deposit will be forfeited if renters are found in violation of accessing the beach.  Security deposits will be used to fix damages and any money remaining will be returned to renter.  POA rules and regs needs to add a do-not-rent list for clubhouse.

Computers: No report

Dams: Andrew Quirk reported that the lake has been drawn down to 29” at this point. We are hoping to get to 36”. We don’t want to go down to 54” unless we have to. Karen Sarnowski saw a boat stranded in Audubon cove. Improvements are being done at this time. Concrete needs to be removed from dam before anti-graffiti paint can be applied. Money for this should come from the dam maintenance account.

Docks: Karen Sarnowski has addressed some dock issues and she will try to assign all waiting dock assignments before January 1, 2016. A POA member will be notified that they left debris on parklands that had to be removed and they will be charged accordingly.

Dredging: Rob Burr is working on contacting engineers to get proposals for future dredging.

Easement: An Easement meeting was held on October 13, 2015 at 7pm. (see Public Session)

Encroachment: No report

Environment: There will be a November 21 cleanup day.

Entertainment: no report

no report

Insurance: no report

Legal: no report

Master Plan: Jane Pojedinec is still missing write-ups from some committee chairs.

Parklands: No report

Publicity: Oleg Vasertriger reported on his progress with the website. He still needs some input to finish it up. Launch date will be November 26.

Newsletter: No report

Security: No report

Stumps: no report

Township: no report

Weeds: no report

Ad hoc committees:

Storm drains: no report

Independent audit committee:
no report

New Business:

A new chair needs to be appointed to the Easement Committee, which creates the budget with the budget committee. Rob Burr volunteered to chair the Easement Committee.

 A motion was made by Andrew Quirk and was seconded by Kathy Straubel to adjourn the meeting at 10:40pm.

Approved by acclamation.

Respectfully submitted by Kathy Straubel