Upper Mount Laurel Lake

Upper Greenwood Lake

A Letter From The Environmental Committee

Dear UGL Residents,
Upper Mount Laurel Lake belongs to the Township of West Milford who, for countless years, has failed to monitor, assess or treat the Lake to ensure optimal water quality. Many in our community are concerned about the conditions of Upper Mt. Laurel Lake. If you are among them, please let the Township of West Milford know by contacting our Mayor and Town Council members and asking them to take action before it is too late.
Some facts and key areas of concern are:

   The Lake has deteriorated to the point where parts are almost non-navigable and water flow to Mount Laurel Lake and then Upper Greenwood Lake could be compromised.

  The lack of best management practices has allowed the spread of weeds from Upper Mount Laurel Lake and could allow for development of Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs) which, without Professional monitoring, could go unnoticed and spread downstream.  Additionally, it is documented that Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs) may be harmful to both humans and their pets.  

Property values of adjacent homes may be negatively impacted by a lake that cannot be used.  
Contact information for the Mayor and the Town Council Members are provided below for those who wish to contact them.
Thank You,
The Environmental Committee

Mayor Dale and Town Council Contact information:
Mailing Address for all listed:

1480 Union Valley Rd
West Milford NJ 07480
Mayor Michele Dale: Dale@WestMilford.org
Andie Pegel, Councilwoman: Pegel@WestMilford.org
Patricia Gerst, Councilwoman: Gerst@WestMilford.org
Ada Erik, Councilwoman: Erik@WestMilford.org
Marilyn Lichtenberg, Councilwoman: Lichtenberg@WestMilford.org
Kevin Goodsir, Councilman: Goodsir@WestMilford.org
Warren Gross, Councilman: Gross@WestMilford.org