Lake Lowering to Begin Oct 22, 2021

Upper Greenwood Lake

The board recently voted to lower the lake 12 inches below spillway this winter, and the state has already issued the permit. We understand that a minor change to the lake level impacts everyone, but we want to reassure you that this is not a full draw-down, only 12 inches below spillway. We will be using the draw-down period to document the areas of significant erosion around the lake, and to allow members to do minor bulkhead and dock repairs.*  If you are interested in seeing these eroded areas, you can ask the office to send you the PDF (

The 12 inch lowering will commence on October 22nd and will be reached by November 10th. It will be maintained through March 2022. We anticipate that most docks around the lake will not be impacted by a 12 inch lowering, since it is not unusual for us to reach nearly that level in a very dry summer. However, since some docks may be affected, we urge boat owners to plan on having their boats out by late October, especially if you have a dock in shallow water. This is also a time when ice and snow can come into play, so removing your boats in the recommended time frame is a good idea even under regular circumstances. As usual, boating with extra caution is recommended when lake levels are low (stumps).  

* Please remember that ALL Bulkhead and Dock Repairs require an application to be filed with the lake association at the UGLPOA’s website: 

For Dock Repairs:
For Bulkhead Work: