Info on Fish Kill

Upper Greenwood Lake

The Environmental Committee began monitoring the apparent fish kill when it first started last week and immediately contacted our Water Quality Consultant. A count of the fish began, species were identified and the situation discussed with members of the Moe Mountain Bass Fishing Club. The numbers of fish washing ashore at the dam and beach peaked on Sunday and have continued to fall. The NJ Division of Fish and Fisheries were informed of our monitoring and the data. Their interpretation is to lay blame on the rapid recent air and water temperature rise which causes a “spring fish kill” whilst the fish adapt to the temporary oxygen depletion. The Division is not concerned about the species affected or the relatively low numbers involved, and reported that similar circumstances existed this week in Budd Lake and Greenwood Lake.
The Committee would like to thank the Staff at the beach for their assistance in counting the fish and the unpleasant task of collecting, handling and disposing of them. Whilst we believe that this event was only linked to the sudden rise in temperature we urge all residents to contact the office if they see any evidence of the use of banned fertilizers, discharging of waste into the Lake or supply streams, or if they suspect that a faulty septic system exists in their neighborhood. “It takes a Village” to keep our Lake healthy!