From The Environmental Committee

Upper Greenwood Lake

UGLPOA Trustees and residents alike are very pleased that the Lake will begin to fill imminently with the completion of the Dredging  and Clubhouse/Boat Launch Bulkhead.
However, one only needs to look at the amount of sediment that remains, and view the line of demarcation where the dredging ended, and where regrettably the silt will fill in again as it did since our last dredging, to realize that we are fighting a major battle to maintain the Lake depth.
We would therefore like to request that we all pay attention to the small details that can make a difference. Please clear leaves, debris, garbage, cans, bottles, etc. from your property and around your dock or lakefront, and also make sure leaves do not flow into the Lake by way of the hundreds of storm drains in our neighborhood. It is also a good time this week to report any signs of septic or other seepage into the Lake that could lead to Harmful Algae Blooms in the summer.
What we do now, can, and will, have an impact on this and every year to come. Together let’s keep UGL pristine!