Upper Greenwood Lake

Greetings to our community members from the UGLPOA’s Board of Trustees!  We hope that everyone had an enjoyable summer on the lake!  At this time, we wanted to share with everyone, some important information regarding the lake and the parklands surrounding the lake.

This coming Fall / Winter we will finally be executing our Boat Launch / Clubhouse Cove Bulkhead Replacement Project along with a concurrent Dredging project and these projects require lake lowering for work to be completed.


All boat owners need to remove their boats from the lake as this date approaches.  We know that people love enjoying the fall foliage out on the lake but remember that these projects help in sustaining the good health of our lake and are very important in keeping our lake as pristine as possible for many years to come, so we ask for your understanding in our end goals.

This season, dredging work is slated to occur in Clubhouse Cove, the southern area of Witte Cove, and Bridge Run Cove located between Racetrack and Landing Roads.  We know the community enjoys coming by to see the work progress and we ask that you not impede the contractors as they go about their work.

Due to the drawdown we ask that everyone suspend all on ice activity for the season.  Lake drawdowns make the ice that may form, very unstable and hazardous for use.

As a reminder no work should be completed on docks without notification to the POA.  Please complete a Dock Repair Application if you plan on doing repairs so that work can be approved. (Dock App)

No work shall be completed on bulkheads since this work requires permitting by the NJ DEP and has not been requested by the UGLPOA for any areas other than the Boat Launch / Clubhouse Cove location.

As a reminder, no improvement work should ever be performed on parklands without the prior written approval of the UGLPOA.

Also, as summer comes to a close, the UGLPOA is taking steps to beautify the parklands surrounding the lake and make them easily accessible for all easement holders.  A map of the parklands is posted on our website for your use. (Maps)

To that end, we would request that any items on the parklands be removed by October 15, 2018 and no other items be placed on parklands.  This includes, but is not limited to: boats (motorized & non-motorized), trailers, cars, grills, chairs, etc..  All items are to be removed from parklands to allow them to be free from encumbrance for access by all members.  This includes properties that are adjacent to the lake with parklands between them and the water.

If you require additional time to remove your personal property from parklands please contact the office immediately with the reason and proposed time frame for removal.

Please be reminded that the UGLPOA Rules and Regulations and By-Laws prohibit storage of personal property on parklands and failure to remove belongings constitutes trespassing. As such, any belongings not removed by October 15, 2018 will be removed by the UGLPOA without further notice.

Thank you for your anticipated understanding and cooperation.

-Upper Greenwood Lake Property Owners Association Inc. Board of Trustees