2021 Changes, Easement Invoices & Winter Safety

Upper Greenwood Lake

Important 2021 Changes

The 2021 Easement Invoices/POA Membership Applications will be mailed shortly. There are some changes that we would like to bring to your attention.

*POA dues are due by March 1st. All current dock holders who are delinquent as of May 1st will lose their dock privileges.

*All requests for powered watercraft must be accompanied by a copy of the current registration for each craft before tags are issued. Tags will not be issued for vehicles not registered in the applicant’s name. There is a maximum of four registered powerboats (including PWCs) per property.

In addition:
a) NJ Residents must provide a copy of their current NJ Boating License

b) Out-of-state residents who boat on Upper Greenwood Lake must provide a NJ Boating License or their out-of-state driver’s license plus a NJ Boat Safety Certification.

NEW FOR 2021: All household members with current license(s) and boat safety certification(s) must also provide copies of their documentation.
Economic Hardship

We understand the pandemic has affected some of us more than others. If you are having trouble making your payments, please reach out to the UGLPOA office at office@uglpoa.com. We will work with you to set up a payment plan for both easement and POA.If you have a dock and need to do a payment plan, PLEASE contact us before March 1st so there is ample time to set up payments.
Easement Invoices\Membership Applications

The annual easement fee for 2021 is $227.00 and is due March 1st. The Invoices will be mailed by January 25th. Please contact the office if you do not receive yours.
We have had many new residents move in. If you have new neighbors, please let them know about the easement fee as many are unaware and don’t realize until they have already fallen behind.
Winter Safety

From our Rules and Regulations:

I. Winter / Ice Use

1. Only motorized vehicles owned by and registered to property owners may be operated on the ice or waters of the lake. The only motorized vehicles permitted on the ice are those vehicles recognized by the State of New Jersey for use on the ice, i.e. all terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. All such vehicles must be currently and properly registered and insured for such use in the State of New Jersey. Further, all such vehicles must display a current UGLPOA sticker, available from the financial secretary as part of your membership kit. The Township of West Milford, and the State of New Jersey are authorized to enforce all local, and State laws governing the use of motorized vehicles on the ice or waters. All motorized vehicles will be operated in a safe and courteous manner with equipment designed to muffle engine noises that meets or exceeds the standards set by the vehicle manufacturer, local and State regulations. Vehicles and operators will at all times, while on the ice or waters, be equipped with all safety equipment, including helmet and personal flotation device (PFD), mandated by law or regulation. Cars, trucks, motorcycles and other motorized vehicles are prohibited.

2. Ice fishing is permitted only by authorized property owners and their guests.

3. Trespassers are not permitted on the ice and may be prosecuted.

4. No structures or objects of any kind including but not limited to hockey nets, ice shelters, tables and chairs, traffic cones, milk crates or spackle/paint buckets are to be left on the ice overnight.

5. No fires, either open or in barrels are permitted on the ice or lake bottoms.

6. Bubblers – Open Water: The use of de-icing devices to prevent the lake from freezing is prohibited. The prohibited de-icing devices include, but are not limited to, bubblers, ice retardant systems, any other device, system, or apparatus that would prevent the lake from freezing and create a potential open water hazard, or otherwise destabilize the ice.