Modernizing The UGLPOA


Oleg Vasertriger

Hello Upper Greenwood Lake Community,

I would like to first introduce myself to you all. My name is Oleg and I recently joined the board of trustees for our community. My background is in running a digital marketing and web development company called GorillaAd Agency, so it is only fitting that I chair the Communications and PR committee on the board.

Now that we are properly introduced, I would like to speak about where we are and what our mission for the future is. When I took over the operations of the website in 2015, it was lacking in many facets. It did not work for us, instead we constantly had to work to keep it maintained. The board made the correct decision to revamp it, and as such I redesigned it, and made a new site for us that will hopefully serve us from now on, rather then the other way around. We have had positive response from the community regarding this change and for this I am most thankful.

Now that the site is in an ever-improving state, we are setting out to make content delivery even better and more integrated with the actual community it serves. The board used to spend a lot of time and money on printing newsletters for example. We are trying to do away with that concept and move to a digital approach. These days there are very few people who do not use their email daily, and prefer newsletters to come through their email. We anticipate that there will still be some who like to read it on paper, and do not fear we can still deliver it that way! However, this will be exceptions rather then the rule. The real issue at hand is that we cannot do a monthly newsletter because we do not have enough to say, but doing it 2-4 times a year as in the past, is not an effective way of getting important info at the time its most relevant.

Starting soon, we will begin to add all the content we had in our newsletters on the blog page of our website. Additionally we will send out emails with that content to everybody on the lake as soon as it is published. Making this transition will save time, money, and the planet (2,000 newsletters = a lot of trees). We envision you will receive 1-2 emails monthly (at most) under this new method.

Lastly, we strive to make the site “social”. We want it to be a reflection of our community as a whole. In order to do this most effectively we need some participation from all of you! You can do this in a few ways… You can send us pictures or stories you think will present our community in the best light. I am always looking for feedback on the site and how we can make it better, or by taking up the causes our community supports.

PS: For the few that require any future articles on paper will be able to request it from the office!