Meeting Minutes June 2016


Upper Greenwood Lake

June 14, 2016


Jones, Jim P Veninger, John P Quirk, Andrew P
Burr, Rob E Straubel, Kathy P Decina, Dennis A
Colnaghi, Warren P Manzo, Rene E Zielinski, Gary P
Rees, Ginny P Nietzer, Laura P Donoghue, Paul E
Sarnowski, Karen P Oleg Vasertriger P

P= PresentE = Excused A= Absent P* present via Skype

Attorney Present: James Romer [X] yes [ ] no

With a quorum present, the meeting was called to order at 7: 23pm by John Veninger.

Public Session:

Karen Sarnowski introduced her son Shelby Sarnowski who would like to join the board.

Laura Nietzer asked a question regarding family members being on the board. If they own separate properties, there is no conflict.

A motion was made by Laura Nietzer and seconded by Oleg Vasertriger to approve Shelby Sarnowski as a board member.

7 yeas; 0 no’s; 1 abstention


A card was received from the Veninger family thanking us for the donation to the American Cancer Society.

Membership Secretary’s Report:

Karen Sarnowski reported that there are 564 POA memberships this year, with 12 double docks, 9 tenants, and 7 specials. This number is above last year’s totals at this time. There are a total of 1335 easement members.

Karen reported that they will remove the cases that are older than 6 years from Jim Romer’s legal firm. The older cases will be sent to Bob Massessa.

A request for partial payments to be paid by a past member in four installments. The board agrees to this.

Treasurer’s Report:

Tabled due Paul Donoghue’s absence

Unfinished Business:

Grafitti on township property: no report
Unpaved roads: No new information
Review of Master Plan submissions: no new information
Retaining Wall: no new information


Short Term Projects: none

Long Term Projects: none


Activities: Ginny Rees reported that she will be meeting with Tanya this week to firm up the activities calendar.

Beach: : Laura Nietzer reported that the beach is open and running. A lifeguard will be trained in water safety instruction.

Boathouse:no report

By-Laws/Rules/Regs: no report

Clubhouse: Gary Zielinski reported that geothermal will begin installation in July.

Computers: no report

Dams: Andrew Quirk mentioned that a rowboat which is not registered to an easement member or POA member is on the parklands at Lakeshore Inn. John Veninger recommended a letter be sent about trespassing on parklands.

Docks: Karen Sarnowski reported that she assigned 10 docks this month.
A member has a destroyed dock due to weather. John Veninger recommended that the owner build a ramp on top of the concrete and attach the floating dock to it.
S. Ridgefield – Karen recommends a longer length dock, 26’,due to low water in the area. She will get an engineer’s drawing of the placement for the board and remove all encroachments.
New policy for dock applications: All easement fees must be current for dock application to be processed. Property owner is responsible for knowing their payment status.
A member on the canal put in a dock/deck which was unapproved. It must be removed.
Passaic – An oversized dock was installed which will need to be removed.
A sailboat was moored out in the lake. – If it’s not docked, it cannot be in lake overnight.
Point breeze – A jet ski ramp, not next to a dock, was found to have been installed. A letter needs to be sent informing the owner this is not allowed.
Two docks that do not have POA memberships up-to-date will be physically removed.
A dock at 121 Point Breeze has a rail and does not conform to the legal length. Karen looked at dock; send a letter to remove rail, length looks fine.

Multiple other dock issues.

Dredging: Karen Sarnowski reported that she has an email in to DEP regarding the low interest loan for the project.

Easement: An Easement meeting was held on June 14, 2016 at 7pm. (see Public Session)

Encroachment: 203 Lakeshore sand beach – Jim Jones called and spoke with owner, told them sand must be removed. A certified letter was sent. The owner hasn’t removed the sand. Jim Romer will address.
Point Breeze patio – Jim Romer will address this.
Sewell beach – This needs to be checked by a board member.

Environment: Andrew Quirk reported that he has received the first estimate of the lake study from Montclair state university. The estimate is for $18,000 for 21 sites and 3 different time periods. Last lake survey was done in 2007 by Princeton Hydro. They only sampled 3 locations and samples were taken after weed treatment was applied. John Veninger would like to have the recommendation piece in writing in the estimate.
Division of Fish and Wildlife reported that the spring fish kill was due to quick warming of the water; a spring event.

Entertainment: no report

Executive: John Veninger mentioned that board members need to attend public meetings as well as regular board meetings.

Insurance: no report

Legal: Mt. Laurel beach club: Properties in the area have it in their deed that they pay a fee to the Beach Club. The UGLPOA and easement association are not involved in this issue.

Correspondence from Jim Suessman – responded via Jim Romer indicating that any POA information that he has in his possession needs to be destroyed. No response has been received.

Master Plan: no report

Parklands: Jim Jones reported that the new dock on the POA island will be installed soon. It may be a 5 foot wide dock to increase stability. Two expensive tree removals on Dover Rd. Bed in parking lot will be planted soon. Signs will be posted for Sunset park. Well is secured on 5 Polk.
Passaic Drive member, next to 20 Passaic, pointed out dead trees on parklands.
Jim will be getting parking lot paving bids.
A retaining wall has been found to have been built on parklands on Racetrack Rd.
Jim mentioned that we should consider putting the bulkhead off 1 year and doing a dredging next year as well and then waiting 4-5 years before the next drawdown due to ecological concerns.

Publicity: Oleg Vasertriger has received some FAQ’s. He will send an email for everyone to approve

Newsletter: Oleg Vasertriger reported that the minutes are up to date on the website and recent blog posts are available.

Security: Kathy Straubel reported that security has been out on weekends. Kathy will contact state about no wake buoy.

Stumps: Jim Jones reported that stumps are starting to be removed.

Township: Karen Sarnowski reported that she spoke with all lakes present in regards to bulkhead permitting involving all lakes. Lake representatives will be going back to their lakes to see if they are interested.

Weeds: no report

Ad hoc committees:

Storm drains:
Karen Sarnowski reported that Julia said that the company the town hired is behind and may have to pay liquidation charges for starting later than the agreement states. Laura Nietzer reported that work has started on Witte Rd.

New Business: None

A motion was made by Laura Nietzer and was seconded by Kathy Straubel to adjourn the meeting at 10:05pm.

Approved by acclamation.

Respectfully submitted by Kathy Straubel